Rene Lawrence

Scion of Baron Samedi


Dark skin, hair and eyes, he is often taken as a Jamaican, or to those more ignorant an African. He is taller than most and lean, and while preferring loose fitting colourful clothing he is obviously athletic. The manner in which he walks and talks emphasise someone who is confident in themselves, both physically and socially. Generically friendly he is quick to nod, smile or say hello to those passing by, or have a laugh on his own whim, regardless of others social standing.


Rene is the eldest child still at home, with his two older siblings away at college and his two younger in primary school. The age difference is explained only that his step father is not the father of the elder siblings. His mother ?, a nurse recently transferred to the local hospital, remarried after the death of her first husband to ? who is now a town planner at the local council. Despite not being his father, ??? took Rene as his own and even after months of suspensions and altercations with police lead the move of the family and their lives.

From day one he was uneasy at the school, starting four weeks after the start of semester arriving with his family from the South West.

Rene Lawrence

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