Welcome to the new year at Shermer High School, Shermer Illinois 60062. Home of the mighty Bulldogs, runners up for last years state championship.

Shermer Gazette Gossip Column

The school was abuzz with stories of the homecoming dance… someone spiked the punch and well most people don’t remember much but, it did seem like a certain Homecoming HERO and a certain drama QUEEN were back on again, it was short lived however when about 2 weeks later he was rumored to have asked out a certain POM POM. Alas that romance was over before it started when knowledge of Hero’s preferences became known.

Our A crowd were not the only ones to find love at the dance, one recluse was heard to have said that a certain new student “changed her world” that night.

Aparently sparks are going to fly on the field just as they have been off the field. Sources say that a certain MOUNTAINEER has the talent to knock our local HERO off his peak. But we all know he won’t let his place as top dog go without a fight

Home Room 5

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